Everything you've ever wanted to know about migration policy

January 31, 2022 Mark Fabian Season 3 Episode 1
Everything you've ever wanted to know about migration policy
Show Notes

Long before Donald Trump referred to Mexican migrants as 'bad hombres', migration was a perennially hot topic in economic and social policy. Some of the endlessly debated question in this space include: do migrants hurt the labour market prospects of locals by taking away jobs and depressing wages? Or do they instead create more opportunities by bringing capital and spurring economic activity? Is there a difference in effects between skilled and unskilled migrants? What about refugees? Do temporary visa schemes for seasonal labour solves more problems than they create? What about a points-based migration system like the way they have in Australia? Here to answer all these questions and more, including what we can learn about migration from observing the pacific, is Dr Ryan Edwards  from the Australian National University. Ryan is deputy director of the development policy centre, and was formerly a postdoc at Stanford and Dartmouth. This is a million-mile a minute episode that will answer your questions and then some. 

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