The peculiarities of public health in Africa

May 30, 2022 Mark Fabian/Wiktoria Tafesse Season 3 Episode 9
The peculiarities of public health in Africa
Show Notes

The advancement of health care is one of the hallmarks of development and a central objective of not for profit, public, and private organisations, especially in the developing countries of Africa. Wiktoria Tafesse is an early career researcher working on a range of topics at the University of York’s Centre for Health Economics. She joins ePODstemology’s regular host Dr Mark Fabian to discuss the role health plays in development, the idiosyncratic features of developing countries with respect to health care provision, how we can improve outcomes in the space, and what to expect from the 10 years of activity and research. 

 Show notes

Wiktoria’s academic website: https://www.york.ac.uk/che/staff/research/wiktoria-tafesse/

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